Friday, 28 January 2011

Over 1000 Processors in Collection

 It’s official people, the world’s better beatnik has been amid in Russia. Sporting a accumulating of over 1,000 computer processors, this dude has no competition.

If anyone in fact fabricated a top of the geekiest things a man can collect, I’m absolute computer processors would be about in the top three. So it feels alone accustomed that this guy be awarded the appellation of better beatnik of all, for his accumulating of over 1,000 computer processors. Some are from the time of the Soviet Union (those ability in fact be account something), while others are a added modern.

But the oddest affair about this “high-tech” collection, is the ambience of the photos, with that carpeting on the bank that reminds me of my grandmother’s old home. Not absolutely the appropriate abode for such a collection, don’t you think?

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