Thursday, 24 February 2011

Unusual Upside-down Trees

If you look at these trees you will notice that something is not right. It looks like they are growing upside-down; the roots are seen up in the air, and not in the ground as they are supposed to be. The so-called Baobab tree grows mostly in Africa and Australia, but only in low-lying areas.

The legend about the tree says that god Thora dislike his Baobab that was growing in his garden, so he took it and threw it over the wall of Paradise so it landed up-side down on the Earth.

These trees can get amazingly high, up to 30 meters, and they have a trunk diameter up to 11 meters; that means that they are giant trees. African people love the Baobab trees because they can be used as shelter, water reservoirs or grain storage.

The trees are not young, they are said that they get several thousands years old....

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