Friday, 1 April 2011

Most Dangerous U.S. Cities

CQ Press recently analyzed FBI statistics to rank the most dangerous cities in the nation. Based on violent crime findings, the study exposed cities big and small, notorious and not.


Dayton, the 20th most dangerous city, is not nearly the largest city in Ohio.


Hartford is the capital of Connecticut and is sometimes known by this moniker, because it's home to companies including Aetna and Travelers. Hartford is also the nation's second-poorest city. Unlike Hartford, the country's poorest city is not among the most dangerous.


Buffalo is the second-largest city in New York and near a landmark. Though it is the 17th most dangerous city, Forbes ranked it favorably. 


Jackson is the capital of and most populous city in Mississippi. Despite its rank as the 14th most dangerous city, it was lauded by Forbes in 2009. A famous police killing occurred there in the 1970s. 


Baltimore is the biggest city in Maryland. It is the 11th most dangerous city, but crime there has decreased. HBO capitalized on the city's criminal reputation, with a popular crime series shot there.


Gary is a small city in Indiana and neighbors one of the biggest cities in the nation. In 2008, Gary police were caught in a civil rights violation. 


Compton is among the largest cities in California. Compton's rank as the 8th most dangerous city follows a history of violence. The city's Gifts for Guns program may reverse the trend.


Cleveland has a shrinking population. Though known as the "Comeback City" in Ohio, its danger ranking has increased. 


Richmond is in a large metropolis in California. Richmond's police notoriously acknowledged crime. What did they say? The city is one of the state's smallest municipalities. 


Oakland is mere miles from the safer San Francisco. Oakland has a large population. The city had a record number of homicides in the '90s. 


Flint is far from being the biggest city in Michigan. Recent years have been especially violent in Flint. The mayor spoke solemnly last year. 


Detroit is known as "Motor City" and "Motown." Detroit has a criminal reputation, but crime is decreasing. The city's 8 Mile Road is notorious.


Camden is a small city in New Jersey. Camden's danger rank has been up and down. A serial killer attacked in 1949. 

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