Saturday, 25 August 2012

11 Hacks That Will Make Your Life A Whole Lot Easier

Clean dirt and grime regularly off you’re numerical keypads otherwise it’s only a matter of time before a thief finds their way.

To see the fair market value for an item you want to purchase, run an advanced search on eBay checking only ‘completed listings’.

Report Text Message SPAM to your carrier by forwarding the messages to 7726 (S-P-A-M)

Re-heat pizza on the stove, not microwave

Capture fruit flies in your kitchen by taping a cone inside a cup filled with a banana slice and vinegar

Store your basement stuff on pallets to avoid water damage

 The position of a freeway’s exit sign often indicates whether the exit will be on the left or right

Take a picture of business cards. You will lose them, quit telling yourself otherwise

How to tell if jalapenos are hot or not 

Use bottle caps as your laptop’s “cooling pad”

Don’t waste money on “find my car” apps. Drop a pin as soon as you park. Instant waypoint

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