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50+ Dictionary & Reference Sites

Dictionary sites – English dictionary with search options in multiple languages. – Search for word meanings from more than 992 dictionaries. – The online version of the famous Oxford dictionary.

Cambridge Dictionary Online – Online English dictionary from Cambridge. – The ultimate website with thesaurus, word of the day and other features. – An easy way to find the dictionary meanings of words. – Consolidates word meanings from various dictionary and thesaurus sites on the internet. – Search for dictionary meanings in English language and other popular languages.

Infoplease Dictionary – Dictionary search with extensive results for many words.

Merriam-Webster Online – Excellent online dictionary with extra features like word of the day, word games and audio pronunciation of the words.

OneLook Dictionary – Search for word definitions, their meanings and look up phrases from multiple dictionaries.

Online Etymology Dictionary – Search for etymologies of words to find out their history. – Multilingual dictionary with translation options from English to French, Spanish and other European languages.

Vocabulary Building Dictionary – Users can look up word definitions and build their vocabulary.

Wordsmyth – Search for word meanings and find new tools to improve a child’s vocabulary. – A free online dictionary with features like spelling check, pronunciation, thesaurus etc.

Encyclopedia and Reference sites

An Encyclopedia for Curious Minds – Resource site for geeks that contains articles, answers to questions and puzzles. – The biggest reference site on the internet with information on a large variety of topics.

Acronym and abbreviation dictionary – Comprehensive dictionary of abbreviations, acronyms and initial letters of words. – Excellent site finding answers to questions on any subject be it technology, news or even sports for that matter. – Trusted source of information for a wide variety of topics.

BuzzWhack – Dictionary of business and slang terms.

Citizendium – An encyclopedia project with the philosophy of generating a reliable knowledge base by users.

Columbia Encyclopedia – One of the leading encyclopedias produced the world over. – Over 35,000 articles by experts on various subjects. – Magazine articles, encyclopedia, dictionary…everything is there in one place.

MSN Encarta – Dictionary, thesaurus and translation engine from Microsoft. - Covers information from multiple places and is the best site consolidating and collecting facts at a single place. – Online encyclopedia, dictionary and thesaurus. – Find out rhyming words and phrases.

W3Schools Online – Excellent collection of tutorials in various technology subjects. – A reference site for web-based technologies. – The biggest encyclopedia of Information technology. – Free resource assisting world wide users by providing solutions to daily problems.

Wikipedia – User generated free encyclopedia of topics written by contributors from all over the world. – Articles containing answers to most popular questions.

Visual – More structured and organized way to find meanings of words. It aggregates latest results together.

The Visual Dictionary – User generated image catalog of over 3000 words.

Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus – Nice way to research and explore connected meanings of words with visual aid.

Visual dictionary – Visual dictionary with clear image search results for words. – Graphical dictionary displaying visual connections between words.

Others – Spellchecking, thesaurus, dictionary, and encyclopedia for your portable device.

A Word a Day – Best way to build vocabulary of words, it provides users with a unique word everyday. – User generated dictionary for pronouncing words.

Google’s translation dictionary – Google’s translation engine allows users to translate English words to those in other languages.

Internet Archive – Comprehensive and consolidated glossary of information on the internet like audio, video, various websites etc. – Get quick results for meanings of words.

Query by example – Enter words, phrases and find out their synonyms and related meanings. – Check the world wide web for spellings of various words.

Urban Dictionary – A dictionary of slang words. – It converts words on web-pages into links enabling users to easily look up their meanings in dictionary and other reference sites.

Word Source – A social dictionary; users rate for word meanings and the results are displayed on the basis of number of votes.

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