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America’s Highest Paying Jobs

10. Financial Manager

Average annual salary: $116,970 
Current employment: 478,940

 Financial managers can be involved in a range of activities, including accounting, investing, banking, insurance, securities and other financial concerns of a branch, office or department, according to the BLS. The highest average salaries can be found in New York ($155,600), New Jersey ($136,960), Delaware ($134,790) and California ($130,040).

9- Marketing Manager

Average annual salary: $122,720
Current employment: 164,590

 In charge of marketing policies and programs, marketing managers determine demand for products and services offered by their firm. They also identify new customers, develop pricing strategies and strive to maximize company profits and market share. San Jose, California has the largest concentration of marketing managers (7.4 per 1000 jobs) with an average annual salary of $152,560.

8- Computer and Information Systems Manager

Average annual salary: $123,280
Current employment: 288,660

 For computer and information systems managers, their primary concern is to coordinate activities in data processing, information systems, systems analysis and computer programming. A job relatively high in demand, wages around the country can vary dramatically, from an average of $207,840 in Jacksonville, North Carolina to $73,430 in the non-metropolitan areas of Kansas.

7- Architectural and Engineering Manager

Average annual salary: $125,900
Current employment: 174,720

 Interested in developing new properties or researching how structures are built? A career as an architectural and engineering manager could be for you. The states with the most people currently in these careers are California (28,860) and Texas (14,330), while the state with the highest-paying jobs is Alaska ($150,060).

6. Petroleum Engineer

Average annual salary: $127,970 
Current employment: 28,210

 According to the BLS, petroleum engineers devise methods to improve oil and gas extraction and production, as well as determine the need for new equipment and designs. They are also present during drilling operations, providing technical advice and overseeing ongoing jobs. Houston, Texas is the country’s epicenter for people working in this role, with over one-third of petroleum engineers living in the metro area. The average annual income for petroleum engineers in Houston ($135, 270) is also above the national average.

5. Natural Sciences Manager

Average annual salary: $129,320
Current employment: 45,920

Natural Sciences managers plan, direct or coordinate activities in life sciences, physical sciences, math and other science-related fields, according to the BLS. A relatively broad career path, natural science managers work in various areas of the economy, including research and development, pharmaceuticals, agricultural engineering and even government. The top paying-states for these jobs are New Jersey ($172,500) and Pennsylvania ($172,480).

4. Lawyers

Average annual salary: $129,440
Current employment: 561,350

The law profession isn’t the easiest industry to break into, with minimum formal requirements in most states requiring seven years of school (four undergraduate, three law school) and a passing grade on the bar examination. Lawyers represent clients in both criminal and civil proceedings, draw up documents and advise clients on legal matters. Lawyers working for the private sector are compensated more generously than those in the public one: legal-services professionals make $136,530 on average in the private sector, while government lawyers make between $82,190 and $92,220. Lawyers are highly compensated regardless of where they live, but San Jose, California ($184,660), Danbury, Connecticut ($174,540) and San Francisco ($172,080) are among the highest.

3. Dentists (General)

Average annual salary: $158,770
Current employment: 87,700

Most people are familiar with dentists, but most may not realize they are among the highest-paid people in the country. Dentists diagnose and treat diseases and injuries, provide preventative care and and address other medical issues related to the teeth and gums. Over 90 percent of dentists are employed in dental offices, where the annual salary ($161,410) is slightly higher than the national average. Those practicing at outpatient care centers and general hospitals bring the average down slightly. The highest paying states for dentists are New Hampshire ($222,860), North Dakota ($207,810) and Maine ($205,050).

2. Chief Executive Officer

Average annual salary: $173,350

Current employment: 273,500

The job at the top only makes it to number two as far as average salaries go. CEOs formulate the overall strategy and direction of both private - and public - sector organizations, as well as coordinate operational activities at the highest level of management. Although being a top executive is high-paying wherever you live, cities with the highest average salaries are Stamford Connecticut ($228,890), Durham, North Carolina ($226,580) and Columbus, Indiana ($222,290).

1. Doctors and Surgeons

Salary range: $165,720 - $225,390

At the top of any list of high-paying jobs are doctors and surgeons, with surgeons as the highest paying individual position, at $225,390. Other high - paying medical professions include oral and maxillofacial surgeons ($214,120), OBGYNs ($210,340) and anesthesiologists ($200,100). Doctors generally work long, irregular hours and must go through an extended and highly competitive education process in order to practice medicine. Doctors are required to have four years of undergraduate education, four years of medical school and between three and eight years of internship and residency, depending on the specialization.

Although the salaries of doctors vary greatly by specialization, they can also vary based upon location. Among the highest paying cities for general practitioners, Monroe, Louisiana ($244,820), Nashua, New Hampshire ($243,950) and Chattanooga, Tennessee ($236,520) are far above the national average for this type of doctor, which is $173,860. According to the BLS, self-employed physicians who own or are part owners of a medical practice generally have higher incomes than salaried physicians.

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